Virtual Zumba and Zumba Gold classes via Zoom

Please read this info and let me know if you have any questions before joining the classes.

My purpose of providing you classes via online are:

  1. To keep allowing you to do physical activity through Zumba Fitness
  2. To continue to connect with you on a daily or weekly basis and to maintain our Zumba friendship
  3. To support and encourage each other, enjoy and have fun together in this tough time


What do you need

SmartPhone, Tablet or Laptop to watch the classes

  • A big screen device is better to watch
  • If you have a Smart, Apple or Amazon Chromecast TV, you can watch the classes on your tv for a full experience


  • The best result to avoids delay, use an Ethernet Cable to connect with your device and your internet modem
  • Wi-Fi and Mobile Data are ok, but may cause syncing issues with sound and movement (Appr. 2 sec)

Space to Dance

  • Make sure you have enough and safe space to dance and ROCK‼️

Water and Towel

  • We’ll get lots of sweat even it’s an online classes at home. Make sure you drink water during classes.

Speaker, Blue tooth headphone to connect with your device to listen to the music better (Optional)


How to JOIN classes

  1. Download “Zoom” app into your device and Sign up
  2. About 10 mins before starting the class,Open Zoom then “Join”
    (Please don’t be late as it’s cause some issues for my setting if you join in the middle of the routines)
  3. Enter Meeting ID and “Passwords “
    (Please don’t share them for the security matter)


Other Important Information

I need to “mute” all participants when you enter the class, and I “mute” myself before the music starts. So you can’t hear me but you can hear the music directly from your device.

I will “unmute” you all before or after class for a bit of chat.

To avoid a delay in the live stream, please don’t click “record” and I’ll ask you all to turn off your webcam


Unfortunately no matter how hard we try to setup to avoid a delay in the live stream, there are always some issues depending on what device you use, our internet speed and the internet conditions of the day.

You may find some lagging and delay with movement and music.

Please give me some feedback to me after classes for creating a better class.

Please feel free and try join the Live Stream classes!!!

You may be surprised to experience the different way to have FUN together!!Just “Let’s do it!!”Big hug

Zumba/Zumba Gold Licensed Instructor

Minako Luckett